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I was born in 1954 and I've got my HAM licence in 1986. I started my interest to VHF, motivated by the possibilities offered by a great range of propagations mode the First Call "IW1BLJ" I change Class the Call "IK1LUT". Now, I'm active on 6 , 2 , UHf, SHf band.New Call "IK1YWB"


14/09/2008  return to the origins "Motocross"


Results on 50 MHz band:

DXCC Worked __182
SQUARE Worked_ 698

My present " oders bands "home Rig:                               

144MHz:RTX Icom ic275E + 1x 15el Yagi Hm.

432 MHz : RTX Icom ic475H +2x 21 el. Yagi F9FT

1.3 GHz: RTX Icom ic1275E Pa 2x7589 H2O hm.Dish 1.50 or 4 m./ P

2.3 GMHz RTX  ft847 +TRV HM. 20W. +Dish 1.50 or 4 m./P

5.7 GHz RTX  ft847 +TRV HM 5W +Dish 1.50 m.

10 GHz RTX   ft847 +TRV HM 5W +Dish 1.50 m.

24 GHZ RTX   ft847 +TRV HM 1W. +dish 0.60 m.

My present " 6meters band " home RIG:

RTX Icom 756 PRO II
RTX Icom 7000
Home made power amplifier
Home made Yagi 7 el. 9.50 meters boom

Supporter Radio Parts


IK1YWB/P Contest U-SHf Marzo 2001 JN34VF

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